Buddy Trading Corporation

Buddy Trading Co.,Ltd is an import and export company of marine products wholesale and delivery.

  Fresh sea urchin and frozen sea urchin are the center of importing and selling, the handling items also include tuna, salmon, salmon roe, crab, ark shell, prawn and other high-grade materials.

  The central wholesale market across the country and the local wholesale market and various retailers and other wholesale buyers are our main customer.

Map of Trading partner countries

Buddy Trading Co.,Ltd also accept the consignment and purchase from all of the world.

Please inquire.

Handling products:

 Sea urchin, salmon, processed foods,
 frozen foods, liquor, and flowers.

Trading partner countries:2023

 China Canada USA Mexico Chile Korea

C-NAME: Buddy Tradding Corporation
ADDRESS: LXS-TSUKIJI404 Tsukiji2-14-6 Chuo-ku Tokyo JAPAN
DIRECTOR: Takashi Okano
TELEPHONE: [81]3-6264-0086
FACSIMILE: [81]3-6264-0087

E-MAIL : mail@buddy-trading.com